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3 Aug 2019, 10:00-13:00

How can I allow my mind to untangle? How can mindfulness help?

About this Event

Central to mindfulness is the belief that the mind can unwind itself.

When we stop battling our thoughts and opinions, and simply observe what’s happening, something curious happens – our minds begin to untangle and refresh. By remaining in the moment, we can dissolve the urgency that we carry around with us and reconnect with our lives.

In this event, we will explore this process. We will look at some practices and perspectives that can help the process of unwinding.

Refreshments provided.

Unwinding is not something we need to force. It happens on its own, as we cultivate mindfulness. Yet, we can help things along with a few small shifts in habit and perspective.

During the morning, we will examine and practice some of these, including:

– How to relate to thoughts and distractions in meditation in a gentler way

– The benefits of slowing down

– Committing to practice as part of one’s life

Please note, this event covers the same material as Mindful Mornings in Rugby (running a week prior, on the last Saturday of the month)

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Friends’ Meeting House (CV1 4AN)

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