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15 Jun 2019, 12:00-16:00

In the same week as London Creativity and Wellbeing Week, slap bang in the middle of Coventry’s Year of Wellbeing we want to put Coventry on the map for Arts and Health!

The Festival of Creativity and Wellbeing is an opportunity for the people of Coventry to experience and connect with creativity. Bringing together as many passionate creatives/group/organisations as possible in one event so everyone experience and connect with creativity in many different ways.

The festival is free to attend and is for everyone in the city to come along and enjoy.

The Herbert will be full of workshops, performances, activities, stalls etc from local artists/creatives/cultural organisations who use creativity to support positive wellbeing.

The festival is unfunded this year, however the larger vision for the project is to establish an annual festival which, for partner organisations and participants, will be the culmination of a year-round programme of events out in communities across Coventry. We are hoping that momentum and activity for the festival will build each year and become a key date in the calendar for the city.

We are looking for collaborators who would like to contribute/ add value to the to the festival (workshops, performances, activities, stalls, volunteers, marketing gurus etc) If you would like to be involved in any way please fill in the Collaborator call out survey http://bit.ly/CollabWithUsCov

If you need any further details please email Melissa (mel@feelgoodcom.org) & Kerry (admin@thestarfishcollborative.co.uk)

Herbert Art Gallery & Museum (CV1 5QP)

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