Coventry’s Music Scene to Receive Pre-2021 Health Check

13 September 2019

Coventry’s music scene is being given a pre-2021 health-check to understand the wider value and impact that music has on the city so it can play a major role in UK City of Culture and ensure that there is a lasting legacy.

The Coventry City of Culture Trust is working with Sound Diplomacy, a global adviser to music cities on understanding the current market place, barriers, issues and challenges as well as the opportunities for growing and develop the market.

They are carrying out a root and branch research of the music sector currently and will put forward recommendations for how the city can cement its status as a Music City, with a clear action plan for 2021 and beyond.

It will look at the value of music has on a city’s people, its identity and its visitor and working economy.

The health-check builds on initial work undertaken by the Coventry City of Culture Trust with the music sector in Coventry and will offer a comprehensive mapping exercise of what the sector looks like, not just as a place to be a practicing music, but also in terms of education, music supply chain and also as a place to run a music business.

Sound Diplomacy, which has worked with cities such as London, Vancouver and New Orleans, will carry out a qualitative and quantitative research process into everything from performance, recording and rehearsal space through to business and educational institutions that are involved in music.

Music industry roundtables are being held on Monday 23 September and Tuesday 24 September and will offer members of Coventry’s music ‘ecosystem’ the chance to share their experiences and feedback on any gaps they see in the sector.

Sound Diplomacy is also very keen to hear from anyone that wants to log their activity and register their work in the music sector, by making submissions online at

Jon Davis, Senior Producer at Coventry City of Culture Trust, said: “Coventry is a music city, it has a rich music history and people from the city have created many firsts so music will be a key element of our programme in 2021.

“This health-check will be extremely detailed to ensure any issues and gaps across the music sector in the city are identified ahead of our year as UK City of Culture.  However this is reliant on everyone involved in music in the city logging onto the website and registering their activity.

“This health-check and the resulting action plan will be the platform to grow and develop the city’s music scene as part of the legacy of 2021.

“We are delighted to be working with Sound Diplomacy on this as they are experts in this area and have worked with major cities and organisations around the world, influencing government policy, city strategy, understanding how cities contribute to the wider global music ecology and highlighting areas for growth, development and improvement.

“They are fantastic at working with music sector leaders to really help make positive change happen in cities and leave a positive legacy for growth across the music industry.”

Danny Keir, Project Lead and Director of Business Development at Sound Diplomacy, said: “We are thrilled to be working with Coventry on this exciting project exploring the rich music heritage the city celebrates.

“Through this music sector health-check we will acknowledge the barriers to establishing a resilient and sustainable future for the music communities and movements, and support Coventry in developing a music legacy that everyone can be proud of.”

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