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The Coventry UK City of Culture fund has relaunched.

Having won the title ‘UK City of Culture 2021’ the Coventry City of Culture Trust is keen to support existing and potential partners as they seek to play a full and active role in the run up to 2021.

The Coventry UK City of Culture Fund has been launched by the Coventry City of Culture Trust in partnership with the Heart of England Community Foundation, who administer the fund.

There are two streams of funding available for artists, charities and other organisations to apply for.

The first is the Get Ready Fund, with grants of up to £5,000 available, which can support a range of activity to help prepare for 2021.

That could be everything from research, development and feasibility studies through to covering the costs of training or skills building courses.

The second is the Road to 2021 Fund and this offers grants of up to £5,000 for individuals and £10,000 for organisations.

It is aimed at those who want to trial projects which may form part of the programme in 2021, or to develop new partnerships across the arts and cultural sector.

Coventry is a creative city. A city of pioneering activists. Projects that are submitted should be extraordinary ideas that go beyond the everyday, offering opportunities to engage with our local communities and ensuring maximum participation for those who do not normally engage with the arts and culture. We are looking for projects that can evidence demand and/or need; that will make a difference; that have a call to action; that are future and forward facing; that ensure Coventry’s arts and cultural offering is strengthened for 2021, with a legacy that lasts far beyond that.

All applications will be received by the Heart of England Community Foundation, which will manage the whole process on behalf of the Coventry City of Culture Trust.

  • The funding programme will be open on a rolling basis until the fund is expended.
  •  The panel aims to meet bimonthly on a rolling programme awarding grants within 16 weeks
    of application.
  • Successful applicants will be contacted with marketing and communications information following confirmation of any grant award.

Full information and criteria in applying for the fund: CLICK HERE

Please read the Fund Factsheet before applying, available here.

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