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Coventry 2021 Roundtables

Coventry City of Culture Trust has launched a series of Roundtables.  These are spaces for conversations and idea generation ahead of the City of Culture year.

Regular Roundtables are essentially facilitated public discussions designed for those interested and engaged in the specific sector or industry and service providers. Each discussion is themed as is free to attend.



When: Monday 7 October 2019, 5:30pm – 9pm

Where: The Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, Coventry CV1 5QP

Key questions include:

  • WORKSPACE/NETWORKS: How can we work together to make Coventry a more exciting location for visual artists to work in?
  • DIVERSITY/COMMUNITY: How can we work together to make the visual arts in Coventry more inclusive, engaging and relevant to all of Coventry’s citizens?
  • OPPORTUNITIES/PARTNERSHIPS:  How can artists make the most of the international platform that City of Culture will offer?
  • MARKETING/TOURISM: What is needed for the visual arts/crafts/design/maker community better communicate its offer.

Focus / Discussion groups

  • Raising the profile of the Visual Arts and design – what could we in Coventry do to own and celebrate our visual arts heritage and offer more.
  • Improving the working environment to opportunities in Visual Arts and design – What could we in Coventry do to improve the journey of opportunity for visual artists and designers in our city?
  • Being inclusive and developing wider offer Increasing engagement in Visual Arts – What could we in Coventry do to make our visual arts offer more inclusive, engaging and relevant to all of Coventry’s communities  Strengthening networks and collaborations – What could we in Coventry visual arts community do to strengthen our networks and collaborations?
  • Sharing ideas and ambitions for 2021 what does the local sector want/need + what visiting artists, interventions, creative partnerships and exhibitions are we interested in?

Programme Proposal

5.30       Arrival – review of mapping so far.

6.00       Introduction & Welcome – Jane Anderson & Claire Mitchell

6.15       Key Note: Tate Exchange (Dr. Cara Courage) plus invitees from Visual Arts Network

6.30       Discussion x 15mins

6.45       Group discussions x 1 x 45mins

7.30       Break

7.45       Group discussions x 2 x 45mins: Chaired and noted by members of CVA Group + visual minute takers for each group

8.40      Time for participants to review mapping and visual notes

9pm      Close

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