Music from Cov’s Twin Cities – Part 1


Coventry is known for its rich musical heritage in both the past and present day. To shine a light on a selection of Coventry’s modern musical offerings, we worked closely with local artists to create a new ‘visual album’ – the ‘Front Room Sessions’. The album features content from musicians and artists from across Coventry and has become a piece of lockdown history for the city.

To listen to and watch the sonic and visual snapshot of the city, click here.

The Front Room Sessions project has enabled us to celebrate and share Coventry music and art during lockdown, not just with local audiences but also on an international scale -sharing Coventry’s musical offerings across the globe.

Inspired by Coventry’s international connections, we began talking about the music of Cov’s twin cities. We explored the emerging artist scenes in ten of 26 cities twinned with Coventry and then went on to think about who would feature on a playlist made up of music from those cities.

Based on artist and song recommendations from our international partner, the British Council – the United Kingdom's international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities - as well as selections from our own team, we have taken a snapshot of some of the most exciting talent, across all ages and backgrounds, currently making music in some of our Twin Cities.

In these two blog posts we will be sharing this snapshot with you. You can find out more about our first five below.

Azet - Dhurata Dora X Azet -  Fajet

Dresden, Germany.

Coventry City of Culture Trust selection

Granit Musa professionally known as Azet, is a German-Albanian rapper and songwriter.

Azet’s debut album Fast Life was released in 2018 and reached number one in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. His second album Super Plus, released in March 2019, debuted at number-one on the charts in Austria and Germany and made it to number two in Switzerland.

Azet often collaborates with other artists from a range of genres. The track ‘Nummer1’, a collaboration with Zuna and Noizy, went platinum in Germany as well as gold in Austria and Switzerland.


Azet often collaborates with other artists from a range of genres. The track ‘Nummer1’, a collaboration with Zuna and Noizy, went platinum in Germany as well as gold in Austria and Switzerland.

His latest collaboration with singer Dhurata Dora, released in July this year has racked up over 9.5 million views on YouTube.


Damir Imamovic - O bosanske gore snježne

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Selected by British Council’s Amila Lagumdžija, Head of Arts Western Balkans


Damir Imamovic brings Sevdah music (a traditional genre of folk music from Bosnia and Herzegovina) to a global stage. Damir was immersed in the world of Balkan traditional music at a very young age, growing up in a family of Sevdah bards.

He recorded his first album in 2006 which was followed by concerts in Bosnia-Herzegovina and the region of former Yugoslavia. He collaborates with different musicians from the Sevdah genre and beyond. His tours have taken him across the world including; Europe, China, USA, India, Japan and Mexico.


KACZI  - Milenka (feat. Circus Brothers)

Ostrava, Czech Republic

Selected by British Council’s Dasa Sephton, Partnerships and Projects Manager

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, KACZI, comes from a family of musicians and artists, and was taught to play the guitar by her father.

She attended the prestigious Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts, Palacký University in Olomouc and the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory in Prague.

KACZI's music has been described as a ‘unique synthesis of the folklore tradition and alternative musical trends’. She also won first prize in the CzechTalent 2012 singing competition which enabled the production of her very first demo CD and a video.


In 2019 she released the EP Polonahá. The most played song Nahá (Naked) brought her the title Discovery of 2019 in the TOP 10 music chart in the Czech Republic.



Leoniden - Why

Kiel, Germany

Selected by British Council’s  Elke Ritt, Head of Arts


The Leonids are an indie rock band from Kiel.

Brothers Lennart (guitar) and Felix Eicke (drums) as well as Djamin Izadi (synthesizer) and JP Neumann (bass) began making music together at school, with lead singer Jakob Amr moving to Kiel and joining the band in 2015.

Leoniden released their first EP ‘Invert India’ on the Hamburg label ‘Delikatess Tonträger’. The band went on to found their own label called Two Peace Signs, under which they released their second EP.

Leoniden not only have an extraordinary presence at live performances but also have a great sense of closeness to their fans through their social media platforms and are becoming masters of self-distribution and marketing.


Run Over Dogs - G0t W0rse / All G0ne

Kecskemét, Hungary

Selected by British Council’s Eszter Csillag, Operations and Programmes Support Coordinator

Run Over Dogs are a four-piece rock band which consists of; Szabolcs Czegledi – guitar and vocals, Mate Gal - bass and backing vocals, Aron Vilczek – guitar and Tamas Juhasz – drums.

Although two of the band members (Aron & Tamas) are originally from Budapest, they have made Kecskemét (childhood home of Szabolcs and Máté) their home. The band have said that creating work in Kecskemét feels much easier and more liberating.


They have enjoyed international success with tours in USA and Europe as well as featuring on the line up of festivals such as Sziget Festival, Volt Festival and Campus Festival.

Their desert rock sound inspired by the likes of; Queens of the Stone Age, Black Keys and Kasabian, is not only being enjoyed in Hungary but across the globe.


Next week we will share the other half of our musical offerings from some of our twin cities.