Coventry Moves: Launching the Brand


Laura McMillan, Director of Operations and Legacy

Back in 2015 we launched our bid brand.

No prizes for spotting the reference to the cathedral window, however, CovEntry. Cov’s Entry. See what we did there?

Fast forward a couple of years and we’ve won, recruited a committed and talented team and are thinking about who we are now. No longer competitors in a race, fighting to prove we deserve the title, but the manifestation of an underdog city that should never be underestimated.

Building the Brand

Launching a brand is an exhilarating but terrifying journey and we are lucky to have been joined by many of you on the way. The brand was developed with over 45 hours of face-to-face consultation with 3,500 people from across the city and region. We looked at items you felt represented the city, we trawled social media feeds to see what you were talking about, took to Instagram to see what kind of photos you liked.

We did all of this with Uncommon Creative Studio. A campaigns agency who won a very competitive tender to help us develop our campaign. It was clear that Uncommon got Cov. They understood that although we are mostly known for our past, what is most exciting is our future. Our ambition and innovation, constantly moving us forwards.

Coventry Moves

A phrase that captures so much yet is simple, unpretentious and authentic. Coventry has always been a city of change. A history of invention and reinvention has seen us move from weaving and watchmaking to innovations around transport and green tech. We’ve also championed movements, providing platforms for struggling workers, amazing women, political reformers, ravers and refugees.

Today we are a future-facing city of youth and energy. Our population is young, dynamic and growing – 8 years younger than the UK average - with an increasing influx of students, immigrants and refugees.

Coventry Moves has been created as the sum of all of this, understanding that 2021 will establish a template for a different kind of city, fit for the future and what we make it.

Laura McMillan

Laura McMillan

"The new brand was developed with over 45 hours of face-to-face consultation with 3,500 people from across the city and region."
Coventry UK City of Culture 2021 Bid Logo

Coventry UK City of Culture 2021 Bid Logo

The new Coventry UK City of Culture 2021 Logo

The new Coventry UK City of Culture 2021 Logo

Animation of the Coventry Moves logo

Animation of the Coventry Moves logo

Animation of the Coventry Moves icons

Animation of the Coventry Moves icons

The Visual Identity

One of the many times Coventry has moved is after the war. A city re-built, rising from the ashes. Its reconstruction project became one of the finest examples of post-war city architecture in the world. Buildings that we see every day as we move around the city.

Our brand is brought to life through colour. Working with Weaver’s House, we dug into the city’s medieval past as a centre of the UK’s textile industry, unearthing a colour first used here, now interpreted in different shades across the city: Moving Blue.

A colour rooted in tradition, that symbolises progression, movement, and the soul of a city.

The 2021 identity is inspired by our modernist environment and the relationship between it and the community. It also plays on the innovations, movements and stories that have come to characterise the city. Weaving them throughout our visual world.

The O can be interchanged with various circle symbols designed to represent the many industries, innovations and heritage born out of Coventry.

Coventry Moves: The Movie

To launch Coventry Moves we have created a film that celebrates the city’s, often surprising, story of progress through culture and creativity, interlaced with the branding design and portraits of Coventry’s diverse citizens along the way.

The film is a glorious mixed-media feast made in partnership with visual artist Ewan Jones Morris. Scene-by-scene we discover the original protest movement in the form of Godiva, the land-speed record breaking Bluebird and Coventry City’s crowning moment of FA Cup winning glory.

The film is voiced by acclaimed actress, writer and director Manjinder Virk, and the score was provided by Requiem For A Dream and Black Mirror composer Clint Mansell; an adaptation of his track “We are all Stardust”.

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