Best of Cov – Ways to Give 

30 April 2020

This week on our #5at5 on Instagram and Twitter, we asked the people of Coventry to share advice and tips on how they are giving during the lockdownWe had responses about communities donating books and toys, a weekly street music performance and bingo, but we thought this submission from @TwinkleMoore on Twitter was really original; “If you’re growing seeds, maybe put some seedlings/small plants in front of your house for your neighbours to take and use. Make sure to label them. Spread the love“. 

Our Best of Cov blog this week is exploring ways to give whilst in lockdown, which is one of Mind’s Five Ways to WellbeingGiving and being active in the community can have beneficial impacts on our mental health, with those who say they have an interest in helping others, being more likely to describe themselves as happy. Whilst in lockdown it has never been more important to spread kindness, but equally it can seem very difficult to do so due to the social distancing measures in place. The quickest thing to think of is donating money, but there are other things you can do to give during the pandemic. 

Here are some ideas of how you can give during lockdown.  

  1. Donate food and household goods to your local foodbank.
    The Betty Ennis Foundation is a non-profit organisation that assists with distributing food from the local foodbank. During the lockdown they have also been assisting with delivering prescriptions and food parcels to those that need them. Foodbanks need more food and hygiene products during the lockdown as more people have become dependent on their services. Next time you are doing your shopping grab a few extra bits and drop them into the donation box. You can find out where the Coventry foodbank donation points are, here.
  2. Donate your time and volunteer your support. 
    If you can’t donate money or food, you could always donate your time. From getting involved with local community centres, to providing support for your neighbours – there is always something you can do to help. You can read our Best of Cov blog on volunteering, here
  3. Get involved with the virtual Garden Party Weekend.
    Coventry Business Improvement District (BID) is inviting the people of Coventry to celebrate VE Day with an at home Garden Party. Coventry restaurants are teaming up with Coventry Market, offering takeaway afternoon teas and Sunday dinners and VE Day hampers for home delivery across the 3-day weekend. Why not book yourself and a neighbour some of these special treats to make their bank holiday weekend a bit more special. Follow the Coventry BID social media accounts for more information on how to book your slot. 
  4. Do the little things.
    You don’t have to offer money, chunks of time or even items to give during the lockdown. Offering a smile to someone you pass on the street or having a chat with a neighbour to make sure they are ok can do a lot to boost their mood, and yours. During our Five at Five on social media, so many people told us how they had been doing little things, like ringing friends, neighbours and family to make sure they are OK and have a chinwag and it really made all the difference. You can read our full Five at Five thread on Twitter here.
  5. Share your art and talent
    It comes as no shock to us that there are tons of talented artists and performers in Coventry. But at the moment it is hard to see the talent in Coventry because exhibitions and performances have been cancelled. To combat this, community groups and artist groups have been springing up on social media, such as Sitting Rooms of Culture on Facebook, which is a great place to share your art. If you are an artist but are not sure how to share your art or get feedback on it during lockdown, join Sitting Rooms of Culture, here. And, if social media isn’t your thing, why not ask the kids to do a rainbow picture to up in a front window You could even do one yourself. Or you could create your own art and give it a neighbour or friend as a gift to brighten their day.  

If you are in a position to donate money, there are so many worthy causes you could support. Have a look at some of our suggestions below.  

Donate to your favourite arts organisation or to the NHS. 
Countless charities, arts organisations and the NHS are in need of extra funding right now. You could donate to the National Theatre and enjoy their weekly performance streaming on YouTube. You could donate to a ballet organisation, or local theatre. Or of course you can donate to the NHS directly, which is doing all it can to save and protect lives. You can find out how to donate to the NHS here.  

We hope you found this blog useful and we would love to hear from you about ways that you have been giving during lockdown, or any initiatives that we may have missed. You can contact us on FacebookTwitter and InstagramYou can join in the conversation using the hashtag #BestofCovYou can also email us at 

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