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GL events is a global events company specialising in the design and creation of temporary infrastructure, overlay and complete event solutions for some of the world’s most iconic events.

Our team are the people behind the some of the highest quality public event infrastructure, VIP and competitor facilities, grandstands, hospitality suites, exhibition spaces and so much more.

We have a passion for supporting the communities in which we live and work. We are committed to ensuring a positive legacy for the events on which we partner and are driving a focus on legacy in the UK events industry as a whole.

Hand in hand with local communities, we strive to create environmental, social and educational opportunities wherever we support great events, and to equip the next generation of event professionals with the skills and insight they need to succeed.

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Our Place at the Table – Saturday 21 September

13 September 2019

A conversation over lunch to explore equalities and human rights in Coventry will take place in Foleshill as p...

Coventry’s Music Scene to Receive Pre-2021 Health Check

13 September 2019

Coventry’s music scene is being given a pre-2021 health-check to understand the wider value and impact that ...